• The Option to transfer arguments is enabled by default, you can disable it by adding the option and setting it to false


If a binded command is specified and the argument option is enabled, the player will be able to specify arguments by executing the command followed by some text, example: /example arg0 arg1 arg2 ...
You can also specify arguments in the /trmenu open <menu> <player> arg0 arg1 ....command, in the open: <menu> arg0 arg1 ...action and even change them through the menu with the set-args: arg0 arg1 ...action.
You can specify arguments with multiple words by surrounding them with ``, example:
/example `arg 0` `arg 1`


You can call the arguments with a variable inside the menu:
  • Use {0} for the first argument, {1}for the second, {2}, {3}...
  • You can also call arguments through a PlaceholderAPI placeholder: %trmenu_args_#% where # is the number of the argument
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