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TrMenu was released on Oct 4, 2019, aiming to be the new modern menu plugin for Minecraft servers.

Currently developing TrMenu v2 is a completely recoded version with more features

​ TrMenu is using powerful Built-in Bukkit-API Expansion TabooLib5


  • Multi-Versions Support: TrMenu supports Minecraft 1.8 to 1.16.1 and their materials IDs/DataValues.

  • Unlimited Menus: You can make as many menus that you want without any limits!

  • Advanced Layout: Intuitive and visual way to dispose buttons in your menus.

  • Multiples Pages support: You can easily make a menu with multiples pages without needing tons of menus using the exact same items.

  • Packet based: TrMenu menus are completely packet based, making them more performant and secured.

  • Player Inventory: TrMenu allows you to take advantage of the player's inventory to have 4*9 slots more. It can work alongside multiples pages!

  • Dynamic Titles: You can have multiples titles per menus updating at a defined interval.

  • Menu Events: Execute actions when opening or closing a menu.

  • Periodic Tasks: Custom tasks executed in a defined period.

  • Scripts: Configure multiples custom scripts in your menu and get the result anywhere in your menu!

  • Menu Binding: Bind menus to commands (RegEx support), items or shortcuts (Offhand, Sneak-Click-Player....)

  • Registered Commands: Register commands to allow you to use the open commands in other plugins. It also allows you to have tab-completition for the command itself and even on arguments!

  • Materials: TrMenu supports various way to display the material of a button: CustomModelData, JSON, Custom Heads from HDB or a head value...

  • Dynamic Effects: All buttons support the use of dynamic quantities, glow effect...

  • Dynamic Buttons: They also support dynamic properties such as Materials, Names, Lores and Slots with an independent update interval.

  • Buttons Interaction: Supports a total of 22 click types including keys from 1 to 9. Every interaction is packet based

  • Buttons Actions: More than 40 actions are supported to perform instead of some commands in a better and easier way

  • Actions Options: All actions support options such as delay, conditions, probability and for all players.

  • Conditionnal Icons: Each button can have conditionnals icons which will be displayed if a certain condition is met.

  • Icon Inheritance: Conditionnal icons can inherit the display properties of the default icon to reduce the size of the config thanks to a single line.

  • Cached Scripts: Scripts are automatically pre-compiled and cached.

  • Smart Conditions: TrMenu contains user-friendly conditions syntaxes such as hasMoney.100 or hasPerm.your.permission

  • Input Catcher: The Input Catcher consists of asking the player to input something in the chat, on a sign, or in an anvil, and then, based on a condition, will execute actions depending if the condition is met or not. You can use multiples Input Catcher one right after another one.

  • Arguments: When opening a menu with an binded command, you can provide arguments which can be used in the menu for various purposes, and even be changed later from the menu with actions.

  • Meta/Data Support: You can also create metas or datas per players which can store values just like arguments, but metas are stored until a server restart and datas are always kept. They can be set, edited and removed from the menu and can be accessible wherever you want in it.

  • Menu Template: With the /trmenu template <rows> command, you can easily create a menu design without touching at the files and then get the configuration.

  • Auto-Reload: Menus will be auto reloaded instantly right after you save the file.

  • RGB colors: For 1.16+ servers, RGB codes can be used with &{FFFFFF} or &{256,256,256}

  • Nodes ignore the case and have aliases

  • Understandable node logic, detailed documentation

  • Open-Source and has a Develeoper API

  • And much more ...

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